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Violent street protest in Venezuela

Inside the near-daily demonstrations by both opponents and supporters of President Maduro. Venezuela's capital, Caracas, has seen almost daily demonstrations in recent weeks, some of which have turned violent. Critics are accusing President Nicolas Maduro of moving towards a dictatorship, and want him to resign. But Maduro says the opposition is conspiring with foreign entities, specifically the US, to destabilise the country. Clashes broke out in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, where hundreds of thousands of people held rival protests amid rising tensions over the country's political crisis. Security forces fired tear gas at anti-government demonstrators, accusing Maduro of eroding democracy and plunging the economy into chaos. Ten people have been killed during near daily clashes this month between security forces  and protesters. Opposition leaders called for a silent march on Saturday, to commemorate those who died. However, after Saturday's show of silent defiance, the center-right opposition returned to a more confrontational strategy on Monday, and called for Venezuelans to block roads in a bid to grind the country to a halt. 

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