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Depression the silent killer

The number of people with mental health issues or depression is increasing due to urbanization, marital or relationship problems, and not being able to keep up with rapid progress. 
A mother said that her daughter suffers from severe depression because of her marital relationship. “Lack of understanding and an egotistical attitude spoilt her relationship and caused a lot of other damage that led her to depression. She kept aloof from her husband. That led to divorce and deteriorated her mental health,” she said, adding, “we had problems in our married life but we never took it personally; in fact we were brave enough to fight our problems. But these days the younger generation gives up easily and are incapable of handling tough situations.”

According to mental health experts, couples facing depression should determine its cause and keep avenues of communication open; if necessary they should get professional help.
The reason for an increase in the number of people suffering from depression or anxiety disorder is because of everyday stress and lack of sleep.

Many complain of physical problems like headaches, dizziness and stomach pain instead of a low mood. Several doctors suggested that early detection can help patients lead a normal and healthy life. If ignored, mental illness could destroy their life since they find every situation difficult, causing a major decline in work productivity, social relationships and their quality of life. 

Soumayya R, a 27-year-old, shared her mental health experience and said: “I started isolating myself from social gatherings and ignoring my family members after my engagement was called off. I didn’t realize what was happening to me and saw myself getting into a dark dungeon where I was all alone and wasted so many of my days drowning in depression.”
“Although there is great social stigma against mental disorders and seeking help from a psychologist is a barrier, it is important that one openly admits the problem and pursues help,” she added.
According to the World Health Organization, mental health issues could be a major cause of death and disability by 2020. A new study found that the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia has a very high rate of major depression compared with the rest of the world, almost 7 percent.

Dr. Alia, a psychiatrist at a private hospital, said: “Depression or mental illness affects both personal and professional lives. Not only adults, but children also face this major problem due to stress or overthinking. It’s like a silent and invisible killer.”

“It is considered important that a person suffering from depression or anxiety disorder addresses it. Moreover, spreading awareness on breaking this social stigma, and promoting counseling or therapy sessions will help deal with the issues,” she added.

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