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Kiev, Ukraine - Everyday protestors moved up to the barricades

Kiev, Ukraine: Everyday protestors moved up to the barricades, made from burnt buses and cars, to clash with the police. It was winter, cold, and police used water hoses to turn the streets in front of the barricades to ice.

The protestors kept moving up to the police positions to throw molotov cocktails and the police kept driving them back with rubber bullets and water hoses.

This was happening for many days. Molotov cocktails were everywhere - in the air, being thrown at the police and behind barricades ready to be used. The flag of Ukraine was seen everywhere, and one song was sang many times a day - the Ukraine anthem.

To shoot pictures every day in a bulletproof vest and helmet, while walking among the piles of burnt tires and avoiding rubber bullets was a challenge.

I was surprised by the strong desire of the protestors to change something in their life, how they helped each other - many people, including the very old, brought warm clothes and hot food to them.

Pro-European integration protesters take cover from water sprayed from a fire engine at the site of clashes with riot police in Kiev.

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