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Israeli aggression will only fuel hate and anger

Israel’s human rights violations and brutal use of force against unarmed civilians has become a big challenge for the conscience of the modern world and human rights organisations. According to news updates, the Israeli government has imposed a travel ban on Norwegian surgeon and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering the country and accessing the Gaza Strip. The 60-year-old surgeon was volunteering at a hospital in Gaza and held several conferences after his return from Gaza, in which he accused Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

Gilbert also openly criticised the Zionists for their brutal use of force against a civilian population, especially young children. More than 600 children lost their lives in Gaza and 80 per cent of the medical facilities in Gaza are not functioning. Meanwhile, Israel announced a 20-year sentence on Palestinian stone-throwers. In addition to that, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a demolition of suspected militants’ homes, and while this has been widely criticised by various human rights organisations, it is also a violation of the Geneva convention.

These type of steps are counterproductive and will only further fuel hate and anger amongst the people of Palestine. Capital punishment is not and should not be used as a war strategy but that is the true reality of Israeli war aggression. Despite the whole world condemning Israeli aggression on Palestine, it still continues, and in some areas it is only going from bad to worse. 

After a massive destruction in Gaza, the Israeli blockage still continues and construction material is not allowed into Gaza. After the destruction of houses and infrastructure, the people are suffering and forced to spend cold winters in open air without basic necessities of life. Now, after the miserable role of United States and United Nations that failed, European countries are coming forward to solve the crisis that have taken the lives of innocent men, women and children. Despite the massive pressure from Israel, Sweden and Spain has stepped forward and recognised Palestine as a separate state...let’s see who will follow.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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