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The battle for Pakistan's Geo TV

The battle between Pakistan’s powerful media group, Geo and the political establishment in Islamabad has intensified, following the Pakistan electronic regulatory authority’s decision to cancel the license of the TV channel. A month ago, Geo TV had accused the ISI chief of targeting Hamid Mir, a popular media personality working for Geo. Many in the country believe that the allegations were baseless. Although some observers criticize the decision of the regulatory body and consider it an attack on media freedom and speech, the fact is that no one is above the law.
After media revolution and creation of several independent TV channels in Pakistan, some TV channels are trying hard to increase their public ratings by using unfair means. Several private TV channels are working without any moral responsibility and media ethics and their programs are totally against the culture and values of the country. Unfortunately these TV channels are the main source of spreading hatred and false information. Now the war of words is also going on between different TV channels and they are using harsh words and allegations no one can describe in words.

 — Khawaja Umer Farooq
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