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Ahmad Jarba

Ahmad Jarba, born in the Qamishli tribe in 1969, is a former political prisoner,[2] Syrian leader and politician. He has been the President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces,[3] which is the main coalition of opposition groups of the Syrian Civil War, since 6 July 2013. His election took place in the second round of voting of a three days meeting organized by the Coalition in order to renew its board. He obtained 55 votes, three more than his rival Mustafa Sabbagh, who was supported by Qatar.[2] According to The Economist, "there is little reason to believe he will wield more influence than his predecessor, Moaz al-Khatib."[2]Jarba holds a bachelor of law and is also member of the Revolutionary Council of Syrian Clans representing Al-Hasakah and has close ties with the Saudi Arabian government. He is a leader of the powerful Shammar tribe, which has branches in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.[2]
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