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Battle ships of the United States Navy

There are more than 430 ships believed to be in active service with the United States Navy, on reserve, or under construction, based on public reports compiled in this list. The U.S. Navy is the largest in the world; its battle fleet tonnage is greater than that of the next 13 largest navies combined. This list includes both U.S. Navy owned and leased ships; both ships that are formally commissioned and other ships that are used by the U.S. Navy without the ceremony of commissioning. In addition, some planned ships are listed further below.
Current ships
Ships denoted with the prefix USS are commissioned ships or are nearing completion for commissioning. US Navy support ships are often non-commissioned ships operated by and organized within Military Sealift Command. Those denoted USNS are owned by the US Navy; those denoted by MV are chartered.
There exist a number of former US Navy ships which are museum ships, some of which may be US government owned. One of these, the USS Constitution, a three-masted tall ship, is kept as a commissioned ship of the US Navy (and hence is listed here), as a special commemoration for that ship alone.
Current ships include commissioned warships that are in active service and also warships that are in the later stages of construction or that are undergoing sea trials but which have not yet gone through the ceremony of ship commissioning. Ships in early stages of construction (keel not yet laid down) are not included. Also included as current ships are support ships (usually denoted USNS) and leased ships (usually denoted MV) that are never commissioned but which are part of the effective force of the U.S. Navy.
There are about 436 ships listed here (238 USS ships, 198 USNS, MV, SS and other ships) that meet this definition of current ships.[a]
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