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Life and death in a Philippines drug war

Halfway through President Rodrigo Duterte's first 100 days in office, his top police commander said that 1,900 drug-related killings have been recorded, drawing sharp criticism from human rights groups who denounced the Philippine leader for "steamrolling the rule of law". Philippine police chief Ronald dela Rosa said during a Senate hearing that at least 750 of the incidents were linked to police operations. More than 1,100 other cases are still being investigated, he said.

That number has since gone up to 2,446 fatalities linked to the anti-illegal drugs war, as of August 31, according to dela Rosa, who testified before a Congressional budget committee hearing. That includes 929 people killed in government operations, 1,507 killed by unknown attackers and 10 police officers killed during anti-illegal drugs operations. Of the total number of unknown attacks, authorities have filed 627 cases. Duterte said that of the three million suspected drug dependents in the country, 600,000 have turned themselves in to authorities. 

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