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A Russian SU-34 destroys air strikes hit five hospitals and two schools

 A Russian SU-34 destroys the town of Haritan with cluster bombs as air strikes hit five hospitals and two schools. The video emerges after activists say ballistic missiles, thought to be Russian, hit a children's hospital and school in Azaz, near the Turkish border, with three children and a pregnant woman among the dead. They said at least five missiles hit the rebel-held town where refugees fleeing a major Syrian army offensive in the Aleppo area were sheltering. A resident said another refugee shelter south of the town was also hit by bombs dropped by jets believed to be Russian.
Tens of thousands of people have fled to the town - the last rebel stronghold before the border with Turkey - from towns and villages where there is heavy fighting between the Syrian army and militias.
Juma Rahal, a medic, told Reuters: 'We have been moving scores of screaming children from the hospital.'

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