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Syrian families struggle to keep warm in harsh winter

Nearly two million Syrian refugees have settled in Lebanon. As another harsh winter sets in, many people struggle to keep their tents warm enough for their young children. The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) says about 195,000 Syrian families are particularly at risk. “The number of years that refugees have stayed here means that they are facing increased vulnerabilities, all of their savings have been depleted, many have moved into the settlements because they are cheaper than living in flats or apartments in town,” said UNHCR’s Maeve Murphy. “They are not used to these conditions. It is practically impossible to find a job and therefore they have no income and are totally reliant on resources from humanitarian agencies.”

A snowstorms over the weekend worsened conditions for the families. Some stayed inside huddled around their stoves to keep warm.“What’s important for me is to keep my children away from death, we can handle the cold, it’s easier than death, barrel bombs and shelling,” explained Nawal, a Syrian refugee. Some children ventured outside to gather firewood, while others played in the snow.

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