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Inside Madaya : Horrifying picture shows man eating RUBBISH

This horrifying picture shows a starving man trapped in a Syrian town eating rubbish in a desperate attempt to survive. The man can be seen foraging in a pile of rubbish in the Syrian town of Madaya.
It has been surrounded by Syrian government forces with food and electricity supplies cut off. ctivists say a humanitarian crisis is now taking place with 40,000 people slowly starving to death. Horrifying pictures have emerged recently showing emaciated bodies of locals who have died from starvation.
 Desperate locals are even reportedly eating cats and dogs in a bid to survive. Other residents of the town - which is now covered in snow - have told how they have been eating leaves off trees in a bid to survive. Reports from the town - which is located on the Lebanese border - say it has been surrounded by land mines so locals are unable to escape. A pregnant woman is thought to have attempted to leave but stood on a land mine before she was shot by soldiers outside.

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