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Refugees who fled Burundi's violence

Refugees who fled Burundi's violence and political tension wait to board a ship freighted by the UN, at Kagunga on Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania to be taken to the port city of Kigoma. An outbreak of cholera has infected 3,000 people in a Tanzanian border region where refugees fleeing political unrest in Burundi have massed, the U.N. Refugee Agency said. Some 300 to 400 new cases of cholera are being reported daily. At least 31 people â 29 refugees and two Tanzanians â already have died of the disease, according to UNHCR. More than 64,000 Burundians have fled to Tanzania in recent weeks, UNHCR said, escaping the unrest sparked by their president's bid for a third term that many say is unconstitutional.

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