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Syrian Elctions and miseries of Syrain People

The audacity of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is surprising. He has been reelected in the so-called elections. It was nothing but a pathetic parody of democracy in Syria. A country where around 150,000 people have lost their lives and half of its population has been displaced and forced to live in refugee camps in various countries, Assad’s reelection will only add to the miseries of Syrians.

Assad has been reelected to rule over ruins, as due to continuous bombings half of the country has been devastated. Even mosques, hospitals and schools have not been spared from heavy shelling.
The international community, save for Iran and Russia, have rejected the elections. It is unfortunate that Tehran and Moscow are continuously supporting this butcher for their selfish interests.

The world powers should reach a decision and chalk out a comprehensive policy to rid Syria of this brute. The world inaction has only emboldened this dictator. International sanctions should be imposed on Tehran, Moscow and Hezbollah so as to cut the supply line to Assad. How long the world powers take to act? Time is running out and the outsiders — foreign militants — who are treating the country as war booty are replacing Syrians.

— Khawaja Umer Farooq 
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