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Ukraine lesson for Moscow

The departure of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych offers a big lesson for Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The events in Ukraine prove that unpopular rulers can’t be protected for long. After days of protests in Ukraine, Russian-backed Yanukovych has been  forced to flee the presidential palace in Kiev and no one knows his whereabouts. After the removal of the Moscow-backed government, Russia has stopped its aid package running into billions of dollars to Ukraine and the country is facing a financial calamity. Western countries should come forward and help Ukraine’s economy now.

Russia is following the same policy in the Middle East and its support to the unpopular government of Bashar al-Assad is a classic example of that. Russia refuses to see that the Assad regime is responsible for  the death of more than 140,000 people, displacement of 9mn people and wanton destruction in Syria. The UN Security Council has consistently failed to act on the Syrian conflict because of the negative attitude taken by Russia. Will the Putin government learn from the Ukraine crisis and reform its policy towards the Syrian civil war accordingly?  I hope Putin will listen to the voice of reason.

Khawaja Umer Farooq,
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