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How to enjoy your job?

What if you’re bored with your job but you don’t want to change it? It may sound appropriate enough to chat with friends and family on Whatsapp or watch meaningless Youtube videos but before you submit to those urges, here’s a list of things that you can do when bored to improve your productivity.
1.  If you’re bored due to a lack of work to do; why don’t you ask your boss to add more responsibilities to your current job? Getting things done will make you feel fulfilled and can broaden your area of expertise too.
2.  Break your daily work routine. If all your days at work look pretty much the same to you, determine your daily activities including breaks, meetings and calls and try to reshuffle a couple of tasks to make your day a little less boring. For example, instead of making your calls in the early morning, why not have a cup of coffee and read job and career related articles first. Another example would be going out for lunch at 3 instead of 1.
3.  Try to have an outsider look at your job. Is there anything you would change or do differently? Removing yourself for a little while from the daily routine and looking at everything with an objective mind will help you find things you could change.
4. Register for a new course to learn new skills related to your job or career. Many people are stimulated by learning new things. Whatever new skills you acquire can benefit your job and boost your confidence.
5.Make your work day livelier by adding a human value to it. Socialize with new people from other departments by introducing yourself to friendly looking colleagues. You can even make a traditional breakfast and invite everyone to the kitchen by sending a group email at least one day before. This is guaranteed to help your image at work in addition to talking to colleagues who don’t work with you directly.
6. Build an online presence. Dedicate half an hour everyday to work on your twitter, Google+ or Linkedin profiles. If you’re into blogging, you can even start a professional blog. Optimizing social media will help your personal career brand and connect you to like-minded professionals.
7.  Maybe it’s going to the same office everyday that is boring you. If your job allows you to work from different places, seize the opportunity and try working from home for a few days to break the routine. Some people are more stimulated in a creative space like a certain café, try it at least once to see if it works for you.
8. Using your down time to increase your productivity and empower yourself can ultimately help you move from one position to another in your current company, which is a great way to re-invigorate your job. Even if it doesn’t work at the same company it will surely add to your experience and qualifications when you start looking outside.
How do you fight boredom at work? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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