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Best Google AdSense alternatives

1. Chitika 

Chitika should be the best PPC program that can be considered to best alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika works well with search engine traffic, so if you get high organic traffic on your blog, you should try giving Chitika a try. It serves ads based on the search query and this increases the chances of the ad being clicked and thus you can make more money with it. Of course, it doesn't pay as much as Google Adsense but it is the best Google Adsense alternatives that you can use.

2. Yahoo Bing Network

It is a new ad network and it is a collaboration of two of the biggest search engines on the Internet, Yahoo and Bing. The ads are served and managed via Media.net. It can replace Adsense ads because of its various ad sizes that can easily be integrated in to your blog at various places. If you have a blog with most of the traffic coming from United States, United Kingdom and Canada, you should apply for it.

In-Text Ads:

3. Infolinks:

Infolinks is a CPC based model that, once integrated on your site, converts various keywords in your content into ads. When this keywords are hovered over with a mouse, ad ad appears on the screen. Every time the ad is clicked, you get paid. The ads with Infolinks is customizable as you can change the color and the number of the links to be displayed. With various options, you can make more money. Infolinks is seriously one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for your blog.

4. Kontera: 

Kontera is exactly the same as Infolinks and it is too customizable and you can change the colors of the hyperlinks so that the ads are blended with your site's design.

CPM Networks:

6. VibrantMedia:

Vibrant Media is a great CPM-based ad network that pays you for every thousand impressions on your blog. So if your blog has high traffic then by displaying ads on your blog, you can easily make more money. Also Vibrant Media offers another ad format, the in-image ads just like Infolinks and Kontera so you can easily try it out and see what ad format works best on your blog.

7. MadAdsMedia:

MadAdsMedia is also quite decent CPM-based ad network. Though it doesn't pay as good as any other ad network in this list, but if you have a blog that doesn't get 1000s of visitors on your blog, you can give it a try. The approval process is fairly simple and you can easily get your site approved with this ad network.
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