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Google vs Microsoft

Microsoft and Google are two of the largest computer companies.

  Revenue Source

Google derives a lot of its revenue from advertising. Microsoft gets revenue mainly by selling software (much of which is sold to computer manufacturers).


Google's most widely used software runs on their web servers. End users access the software using their internet connection. Their internet search engine is the most heavily-used of all search engines.Microsoft is best known for the Windows operating system line. Windows is the most common desktop/laptop computer operating system. Microsoft also created Microsoft Office, which is the most popular software for word processing and spreadsheets, and provides other capabilities as well.

  Areas of Competition

Google is the most successful web search provider but Microsoft is attempting to compete using their "Bing" search engine.
Google has created operating systems (Android and Chrome) which are potential competitors to Microsoft's Windows operating system. Windows' main success lies in laptop and desktop computers, though, while Android and Chrome are primarily for smart phones and netbooks.
Both companies offer web-mail services. Both companies offer web-browser-based applications for word processing and spreadsheets.
Both companies also offer a web browser: Google's Chrome browser and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Of the two, Internet Explorer has a much larger market share, in part due to being pre-installed on Windows machines. Chrome is growing in market share while Internet Explorer is losing market share.

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