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Nelson Mandela's legacy

NELSON Mandela completely changed the course of his nation and developed a society based on equality and justice. He spent many years in prison but he never compromised on his principles. He became an active political leader after graduating in law. He joined the ANC and was founder-member of the ANC youth league. He was elected president of the ANC because of his popularity and a sense of assertiveness, besides being upright in his goals.
Mandela campaigned against racism, inequality and raised voice for equal rights for the black South African people. During his political career he was charged with several serious allegations, including terrorist activities and conspiracy against the government. He spent 27 years of his life in prison, but this could not break his will and ideology. Now the Robben Island prison has become a symbol of struggle and determination. Mandela visited the prison during his presidency. He was the first black South African who was elected president of South Africa in 1994.
During his presidency, he played a major role against racism, inequality and campaigned for the rights of black people. His social welfare programme was a commendable effort that brought him countrywide popularity. Despite public pressure Mandela refused to be a candidate for a second term in office.
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