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Facebook account hacking occurs if ignore 4 things


With increasing cyber security threat, it is not uncommon to think about securing your social platforms especially Facebook, the largest one.

Here are some basic tips for a safer and more secure Facebook experience. These are mostly common sense, but even if you’re a veteran Facebooker, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them.

1. Choose a secure password for your Facebook account (one that uses both numbers and letters, isn’t a word that can be found in a dictionary, and isn’t something anyone else could guess). Change your password regularly and never share it with anyone else.

2. Be careful about whom you friend. See the “Stranger Danger” and “To Friend or Not to Friend” sidebars in the Friends chapter for some perspective on this. And remember that online, people aren’t always who they seem to be.

3. Be suspicious of links to external sites, and don’t enter your passwords or other sensitive info unless you’re certain the site you’re on is legitimate.

4. If someone uses Facebook to threaten or harass you, report them to Facebook immediately. (See the following section for how to do that.)

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