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Importance of Gwadar Port

Gwadar is on the coastal belt of Baluchistan. Gwadar is a deep Sea port handed over now to China. Its location is very ideal. It is hoped that by the involvemen...t of China it will progress with a fast pace. It is expected that the growing business activities on this port will bring prosperity to Pakistan specially to Baluchistan. Government should make sure the security situation in Baluchistan to encourage business activities flourish so that people of Baluchistan can take interest in this opportunity.
Their involvement in the business activities on this port is very essential to divert their energies from destruction to construction role. Only then we can hope a prosperous Baluchistan. We will love to see prosperity throng through out Baluchistan so that it can be a most productive province of Pakistan. As the largest province in terms of area it is desirable for Baluchistan to become more active in the journey for development of Pakistan.
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