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Keep Your Kids Safe On Line

The computers and the Internet are the technologies to create a better world but, it may be a danger to our kids. There is no need to keep your kids completely ...away from the internet. Discuss the rules that they want to follow while using the Internet. The 85 percent of parents had spoken about online safety for teenagers stated by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. And you have to limit some online activities to keep your kids safe online. 1. Talk to your Kids To make sure that your kid is safe online, give guidance to them.
Don’t allow your children to post their personal details such as photographs, names, addresses, and phone numbers online. Explain the importance to keep their informations safe. Discuss the right and wrong things to make to know them. If your children are not ready to hear you then show the evidence to make aware of them. 2.Keep Up to Date Now it is possible to access the internet from mobile phones, game consoles and from smart TVs. So you have to monitor their online and offline friends, and their influence over your kids and the sharings. 3. Encourage Critical Thinking It is better to encourage critical thinking. So they can analyze the pros and cons of each activity that they are going to perform. You can go online with your kid to identify the credible websites with dangerous files and misleading information. 4. Limit Computer Access Set a time limit to your children for the computer access. The control of Microsoft Windows should always be on the parents. Select the programs for your children for their safety.
 Click the “User Accounts and Family Safety” from the Control Panel to set Windows parental control. You need to set up user profiles for your children to use these controls directly from the Parental Controls window 5.Limit Browsing If your kid needs to browse information to do school projects you can accompany them to do that. And you can allow the Google SafeSearch because that will block the adult content from the result. It is available on the settings page of Google Search. It is also possible to lock the SafeSearch. 6. Three options while setting the Google SafeSearch: Strict filtering blocks sexually explicit images and videos from pages and search results. * Moderate filtering blocks sexually explicit only content. * No filtering is the third option. * Monitor Online Activity * It is very important to set your computer in a public area so, you can monitor your children’s online activities. You can download Windows Live Family Safety to monitor your kid from any of the computer from anywhere. Go to “Start” button > “All Programs” > now scroll down the “Windows Live” folder to see their performance. Restrict them from those who talk to them using Messenger and Hotmail.
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