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Future of Syrian Children?

Syria Yaseen Shakoor was his name; he lived an orphan and died alone. He lost his parents due to the shelling. He often walked the streets alone, wondering why? His small feet were brittle with glass piercing throw them and the blood had dried and turned crusty...then one day he found a pair of shoes (one which belonged to his father). He wore them. He had no food no drink no or a home. Yaseen sold bin bags to make a living. At the end of the day he would finally have a piece of mouldy bread to chew on. He was lost. There was a time when Yassenwent to school and his mum would wave him goodbye every day, but now there was no one! No one to feed him, no one to love him. He was all alone in this cruel world. He was confused as to what happened. It wasn't enough to be an orphan. He lay there on the cold pavement next to his bin bags which were more loyal to him than some human beings. There was no one to hold his hand in his last breaths...no one to bury him, no one to kiss him Goodbye. The world decided to turn a blind eye...and allow him to be eaten by dogs on the streets...like he was worth nothing. He left the world in front of our own eyes. Yaseen is one boy out of thousands dying right now…and will continue to if you decide to ignore this message and continue your life like nothing happened. Pray for your Brothers and Sisters.
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