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Egypt's youth pay a high price

English: Mr. Mohamed Badia -General Guide of M...
English: Mr. Mohamed Badia -General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood- during opening ceremony of Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood main office العربية: الأستاذ محمد بديع -المرشد العام للإخوان المسلمين- خلال حفل افتتاح مقر الإخوان المسلمين بالإسكندرية 
After the killing of more than 50 people, Egypt’s crisis has deepened further. A main opposition group the Salafist Noor Party has pulled out of transition negotiations. The country’s economy is worsening and the profitable tourism industry has been badly affected. Forty percent of the nation's youth are unemployed and thousands of people are still protesting in the streets. Egyptian political parties are divided and the military rulers are finding it hard to provide new political roadmaps. The nomination of Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei as an interim Prime Minister only lasted for a few hours before the government was forced to cancel his nomination. After the arrest of the president and several other key members, the Muslim Brotherhood has refused to take part in any future setup.

Instead solutions and roadmaps being imposed upon the country, the Egyptian people should be allowed to decide the future of Egypt. Protests are spreading to other parts of the country and daily demonstrations continue. Peace is being pushed further out of reach, as, for example, in the Sinai area where extremist groups are targeting sensitive oil pipelines. Unfortunately, the current crisis is worsening and the uniformity of political parties is weakening. With the highest percentage of deaths being of individuals under 30 years of age, Egyptian youth are paying a high price.  Only positive dialogue and reconciliation between different groups can bring about a solution to this crisis.
Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah
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