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US-Taliban talks

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According to news media the Taliban has opened a political office in Qatar and now direct talks will start between the United States and the Taliban.

This move is not surprising, as NATO is due to withdraw next year, recent attacks on sensitive locations prove that things are still not under control and war is intensifying. Now everyone is witnessing the political solution of a 12 year long conflict in Afghanistan.

Questions are also raised about the high cost of the Afghan war, According to the latest figures, compiled by British sources, the US has spent billions of dollars in the Afghan war.

Britain’s war expenditure has reached $56 billion. Britain spent $40 billion in Helmland province, which is now providing 40 percent of narcotics around the world.

Pakistan has released several top Taliban prisoners including former Taliban shura member Brother Mullah who was arrested two years ago. Pakistan’s decision comes after recent visits from a high ranking Afghan delegation to Pakistan a month ago. The UN would also release names of several top Taliban high-ranking officials from the UN sanctions list.

Now, it seems true that reconciliation efforts are going on before withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan next year.

Reconciliation efforts started two years ago with several secret meetings also held in some other countries. The decade long Afghan war proves that dialogue is the solution to every war.

At the time when major European economies and the US itself are going through severe economic turmoil, while poverty rates and unemployment are rising even in major economies, questions are being asked about high war expenditures in different countries.

Now instead of war, dialogue will decide the future of Afghanistan, a blessing for the Afghan people.

Khawaja Umer Farooq
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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