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Solution for climate change

Jeddah Rain
Jeddah Rain 
Europe is seeing the worst flooding of its history and several rivers have burst their banks and are now flooding big cities. Several European countries including Germany, Hungary and Austria are badly affected and people are trying hard in the face of the worst flooding in history. 

The Danube and Elbe rivers are causing havoc in most European countries and people are trying hard to avoid further damage. Because of rising sea levels thousands of Bangladeshi and Indian farmers have lost their agricultural land and now find it hard to provide the daily necessities of life for their families. 

Sri Lanka is also facing the worst floods in its history and thousands of people are faced with migration after recent floods. China has also been affected by recent floods in its eastern province. Australia is also facing the warmest summer of its history, and everyone agrees that everything is happening due to climate change and global warming. 

The true reality is that global warming effects are miserable for millions of people around the world. Due to constantly rising earth temperatures some places are seeing the worst rains and floods and others are seeing the worst droughts and dry seasons. 

Despite this reality, the world community has failed to provide any concrete solution to the rising temperature of the earth and climate change. Several environmental conferences held in the past also could not produce any real solution. 

Khawaja Umer Farooq
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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