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Musharraf escape

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 24JAN08 - Pervez Musharraf,...
According to media news former Pakistan President Pervaiz Musharraf escape from Judiciary after his arrest order. Only days ago election commission cancelled his all nomination papers from four different Places.
Recent condition of former most powerful President is big lesson for political personalities in Pakistan. Only days go he was most powerful president of country but now he his very few sympathizer in country. Despite his claim of popularity on his arrival at Karachi Airport only five hundred people came to receive him and he is still living in high security. All his former political allies PML Q, MQM Altaf, ANP has distanced themselves from his new political agenda. Political observers think that Musharraf miscalculated the all situation and now paying heavy price.
True reality is that despite his claim of success in his tenure country is paying high price of his polices. He attacked Judiciary arrested chief justice of Pakistan with his small children. He started army operation in tribal area and war and destruction still going on country is still facing revenge suicide attacks and worse peace situation. Musharraf also started army operation against veteran leader Akbar Bugti after his killing things are going bad to worse in Baluchistan and killing of people belong to other province has become daily routine . Most Tragic chapter of his tenure is case of missing people thousands of people arrested and handed over to other countries without any legal proceedings and orders.
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