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Hawk-AMRAMM Surface-Launched AMRAAM (SL-AMRAAM)

Hawk-AMRAMM Surface-Launched AMRAAM (SL-AMRAAM) with Complementary Low-Altitude Weapon System (CLAWS).

The launcher provides 360° coverage. The launcher is pointed towards its assigned sector or area of responsibility and the missile is launched towards the direction of the target. The launch angle can be up to 70° off the direction to the incoming target threat without reduction of intercept and kill probability.

The missile is equipped with a Northrop strap-down inertial reference unit and uses inertial and command / inertial guidance. A data link antenna is located in the tail of the missile to receive mid-course guidance data.
A terminal active radar homing seeker operating at X-band is installed in the nose. The 23kg high explosive warhead designed by Chamberlain is fitted with a smart RF proximity fuse.

In June 2007, Raytheon announced the development of additional capabilities for SL-AMRAAM: the SL-AMRAAM ER missile, which will have a range of about 40km, and the capacity to launch Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles, which have a range of 10km.

Raytheon AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar to carry out the surveillance and target search, acquisition, identification and tracking functions. The electronically scanned phased array radar uses range gate pulse doppler operation at X-band. Sentinel uses a high scan rate of 30rpm. The range is 75km.
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