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The Battle of al-Qusayr Syria

Syrian forces and Hezbollah Militants three attacks focused on short city of Homs countryside.

Arabic news channel quoted Sunday on Syrian Authority as saying that the rebels were able to respond to those attacks, referring to violent clashes between security forces and rebels in the country emerged huber the Syrian capital of Damascus.
The Battle of al-Qusayr started on 19 May 2013, as part of the Al-Qusayr offensive which was launched in early April 2013, by the Syrian Army and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, during the Syrian civil war,[12] with the aim of capturing all villages around the rebel-held town of al-Qusayr, thus tightening the siege of the city and ultimately launching an attack on al-Qusayr itself.[13] The region is an important supply route for rebels fighting Syrian government forces in Homs.[14]
The battle has been described as a decisive one, which will will determine the outcome of the war


The military reported that they killed 100 rebel fighters on the first day of the battle for the city.[24] The opposition activist group SOHR stated that 76 rebels, 31 Hezbollah fighters, 12 government soldiers and militiamen and eight civilians were killed during the first three days of the fighting.[68] Among the Hezbollah members killed was commander Fadi al-Jazar.[8] Two rebel commanders were also among the dead.[69] 62-70 Hezbollah fighters were wounded and transported to hospitals in Lebanon.[70][71] Per other opposition activist estimates: 90 rebels,[25] 30 Hezbollah fighters and 20 government soldiers and militiamen were killed during the first two days. Lebanese sources stated that 12-20 Hezbollah members were killed and around 30 wounded.[72][73]
By the fourth day of the fighting, 89 rebels had been killed, including six Lebanese.[74] On the fifth day, the number of Hezbollah fighters dead had risen to 46.[75] Opposition military sources put the Hezbollah toll on the sixth day at 50–64.[76]
On the seventh day, 38 people were killed in heavy bombardment of the city and street fighting, including 32 rebels. 22 Hezbollah fighters were killed as well.[77] Another 13 rebels were killed the next day.[78].[15][16
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