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Threat of illegal weapons trade

According to media reports, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to approve a landmark treaty that tries to regulate the weapons trade.

The true reality is that the illegal weapons trade has become a big threat for world security and peace these days and, unfortunately, the big powers are using the illegal weapons trade to boost their falling economies.
It seems true that in the present world several wars, conflicts, militias and war lords are going strong, thanks to the big powers’ weapons industry.
Now UN drones, fighter jets, missiles and bombs are killing more people every year than natural disasters. The reality is that several billion dollars worth of illegal weapons has become a big threat for the peace and security of the modern world. The use of legal and illegal weapons is very common these days, not only in poor third world countries but also in modern countries like the US, France and Germany.

Several bloody conflicts from Asia to Africa are getting all types of weapons through the arms trade. According to new estimates, 74,000 women and children lose their lives every year because of the illegal weapons trade.

Unfortunately, despite killing large numbers of people every year, the world community is sitting silent and doing nothing to minimize the illegal and legal arms trade, because the illegal arms trade is providing enough support to the ailing economies of several countries including the US. 

Some big powers also have not yet signed the land mine ban treaty because of personal benefit. Yet, thousands of people lose their lives every year in war affected countries because of land mines. The use of cluster bombs and banned weapons against civilians is very common these days and due to the lack of interest of the big powers civilian casualties have increased dramatically in war affected countries.

Over the last several years, UN member states have failed to agree on a common draft to regulate the multibillion dollar arms trade. However, now they have agreed to regularize the weapons trade, which is good for poor countries.

Khawaja Umer Farooq

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