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Israel’s attack of Gaza

English: An Israeli strike caused a huge explo...
English: An Israeli strike caused a huge explosion in residential area in Gaza.  
According to media reports, Israeli drones and F16s hit several civilian targets in Gaza and killed more than 10 people, including Hammas security chief Ahmed Jaber. Israeli assassination attempts and targeted killings are not new for Palestinian people.

Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, Abdul Aziz Rentasi and several other top officials lost their lives in Israeli targeted operations and air strikes. Due to recent Israeli brutalities, world silence and the double standards of big powers, things are going from bad to worse in occupied Gaza and whole region is affected.

Unfortunately, Israel still does not realize that it is living in a different Middle East. After Israeli air strikes, the Egyptian government immediately recalled its ambassador to Israel. Big demonstrations were also held in Turkey and Egypt.

Turkish-Israeli relations are also passing though worse stage of their history after an Israeli attack on Turkish ship bound for Gaza some months also. It seems that Israel is deliberately escalating violence in Gaza and using drones and F16s in densely populated areas against a civilian population.

The poor equipment and lack of facilities in hospitals in Gaza makes it hard to deal with the large number of critically injured people, most of whom are women and children. Netanyahu’s government is trying hard to reverse the decline in his party’s popularity by seeking political benefits from recent situation before next month’s elections.

Palestinian authorities are also eyeing non-permanent observer status in the UN on Nov 29. According to the UN’s own observers, due to Israel’s long siege, Gaza has become the world’s largest prison with no daily facilities of life.

The reality is that it has become a big question for the conscience of the modern world, but unfortunately due to US backing, the UN Security Council has failed to end long siege of Gaza and Israel’s brutalities against civilian population.

Khawaja Umer Farooq

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