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After Effects of Hurricane Sandy

English: No fear of global warming here...
According to news reports, New York and a few other US states are struggling with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Offices, school and business came to a standstill, which signals a large financial loss. According to initial warnings, three-and-a-half metre high waves could hit the main city areas. People were moved to higher areas and many flights were cancelled or rescheduled. Is this a result of global warming?
In the current modern era we have seen many parts of the world suffering from natural disasters such as floods, drought and earthquakes. I would like to mention that it’s not only the poor countries that get affected but the world together is paying a high price for natural disasters. The floods in China displaced about half a million people, even Russia witnessed the worst floods in its history; Australia destroyed thousands of acres of land and homes and now it’s the US. Unfortunately despite these disasters the world has failed to control the rising temperature of the Earth.
The last global summit on climate failed to bring any positive change due to the world powers being selfish and blaming each other for raising the level of carbon emissions. Global warming is indirectly harming the already weak world economy. It is high time that the world gets together and each individual and every country contributes to protect the planet.

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