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Working conditions in Gulf

English: The Headquarters of the National Comm...
  The Headquarters of the National Commercial Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 
Worst economic conditions and raising price of use of daily necessities are forcing people in Pakistan to going abroad for better future and full fill their dreams. Unfortunately most of people have very little knowledge about recent deteriorating working conditions in Gulf countries. After spending huge amount of money most of people find nothing except very hard working conditions in scorching sun, very little amount of money, loneliness and very tough Saudi and gulf labor laws. True reality is that most of people who are traveling abroad in search of better future are unskilled and belong to very poor areas of Pakistan.

These unskilled and poor people can’t compete with cheap labour of Bangladesh and India. Pakistan labor authorities has failed to provide any guidance to these people and also preparation of skilled workers to face tough challenges abroad. Recent recession and worst economic conditions of Euro zone countries and US also affecting Gulf countries. Now in Gulf countries due to raising prices of daily commodities and increasing house rents middle class people find it hard to save money for their future use. Recently Saudi authorities has increased Iqama or work permit fees 2,400 Saudi Riyals per year.
Now total cost of Iqama or work permit renewal for one year has reached 3000 Riyals. Saudi government is trying hard to implement program purposed by Saudi labor authorities to provide more jobs to Saudi nationals to face raising unemployment in Saudi society. Every company and business are forced by lour authorities to provide more employment opportunities to local people instead of foreigners. Several occupations have already reserved for local people and forefingers are not eligible to apply for these professions. Conditions of job market is also very tough labor class most of them are coming from Bangladesh, India and Philippine are working on very cheap rates. Cleaning worker most of them are Bangladeshi nationals are doing cleaning work only 250 Riyals per month. and some are working in supermarkets and other stores 12 to 16 hours very minimum salary of 1200 to 1600.
 Jeddah, KSA
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